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Which membership plan is best for you?urban_lady_defends_against_male_attacker_with_front_kick

Can you only come once in a while? One or more times per week?

What are your goals? To learn some basic self defence techniques? To work through the ranks to gain greater proficiency?

We have a plan that will meet the needs of most people.

Our classes take place on Tuesday and Saturdays. To really become proficient in the shortest time possible we recommend 2 classes per week

Plan Period 2 Class / Week* 1 Class / Week* Why this is for you
Drop-in $40 $40 Pay per class. This is for you if you can only come once every 2 or 3 weeks.
1 month $125 $94 Just starting out and want to test the waters. You can do up to 2 classes per week starting with this plan.
3 month $295 $221 This is the most popular plan with students that want to work through the ranks. The savings also start to add up.
6 month $530 $398 You are committed to learning & perfecting Krav Maga techniques while saving money in the process. A great plan for this purpose.
*13% HST extra. HST Account: 802 566 109 RT 0001

Family discounts are available

Membership Plans

2 Classes Per Week

1 Class Per Week

Private Sessions