2017 Summer Kids Day Camp


When Does It Takes Place?


What Are The Camp Fees?

A 15% will be deducted if registering for the shortened camp week (week #1)

For late arrivals, a Late Fee of $5.00 per child for every 15 minutes or part thereof will apply. Whenever possible, please call the Camp Director about any unexpected delays to your arrival so that we can advise your child & our staff.  


What Are The Ages?



What Are The Hours?

It is important to adhere to our schedule and pick up your child on time each day; however, if you are late, rest assured that your child will not be left unattended.

Students should be picked up by one of their parents however when this is not possible a written note must be sent to camp naming the alternate caregiver and giving your permission for them to pick up your child (ren). If a situation arises at the last minute, you MUST call the Camp Director to make suitable arrangements. Camper safety is our top priority and your child will not be released to anyone other than yourself unless your permission has been documented by our staff. You will be responsible for late fees if applicable.

Missing Days

If your child misses camp due to an illness, we are happy to provide you with a credit equal to the value of the day(s) missed or your child can make up the day(s) missed. For either option, a doctor’s note is required, dated within 1 week or less of the absence.

The credit option will apply to new registrations only, up to 1 year later. Make up days are pending availability.

Please contact the Camp Director to advise of your child’s absence and to arrange your credit or make up days.

Student Grouping

On the first morning of camp, students are placed in groups based on the completed school grade indicated on their profile.  In some cases, students may move up or down by 1 grade level.

Electronics Free Zone

Students should be encouraged to enjoy their day of fun, stimulating activities and are not permitted to bring electronic gaming devices such as ipods, mp3s, game boys, cell phones, toys, etc. to camp. Please keep these and other valuable items at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Meals and Snacks

Snacks or lunch are not provided. Parents are required to provide their child with drinks, lunch and snacks, each day. (Must be nut – free).

Payment Options

Up to June 1st, registrations may be secured with a deposit payment of $50 per child, per camp, or may be paid in full. On or after June 1st, all camp fees are due in full.

Registering online with PayPal is available through the website.

If registering in-person you may pay by credit card, money order, cash or cheque if registering at least 4 weeks in advance of the camp start date.

For credit card payments, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

For cheque and money order payments, make payable to Krav Maga Nation Inc.

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is applicable

Illness or Injury

Our staff can address routine illness or injuries (upset tummy, headache, scraped knee, etc.) Parents will be notified if the Camp Director feels it is necessary for the camper to be picked up early due to their illness or injury. In the event of a more serious injury or illness, telephone service is readily available to call 911. Vehicles are also on site to transport a child to a nearby health care center if our Director feels they should be looked at by a doctor.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour that jeopardizes the safety and enjoyment for other students or staff will not be tolerated. Please advise the Camp Director if you or your child has any concerns about behaviour at camp.


Krav Maga Nation Summer Day Camp Code of Conduct

At Krav Maga Nation (KMN), our goal is to offer a positive, safe and respectful environment for all, and encourage all students to demonstrate respectful and appropriate behaviour towards their peers and the camp staff. Please review the guidelines of behaviour below with your child before they attend camp. 

At the KMN Summer Day Camp safe, respectful and appropriate behaviour includes:

  • Following instruction of staff
  • Letting staff know immediately if there are any problems or concerns
  • Not leaving camp area without staff accompaniment (5 and 6 years old)
  • Not leaving camp area without permission from camp staff & a ‘Buddy’ (7 years old and up)
  • Not standing on tables
  • Not littering
  • Not walking or running around barefoot
  • Not having water fights (unless scheduled into camp program)
  • Not sharing food, drinks, hats or clothing
  • Not chewing gum (unless provided by staff)
  • Not climbing trees or rocks
  • Not carrying or throwing sticks, rocks, sand or water
  • Not hitting, kicking, biting, or showing any other form of violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Not using profane language or making profane gestures
  • Not teasing, taunting or gossiping
  • Not bullying or intimidating others in any way
  • Not smoking
  • Not stealing
  • Not bringing electronic devices such as iPods/ MP3s/gaming devices, etc to camp
  • Not using a cell phone while at camp (telephones are available thru the camp staff if required)

Any person found demonstrating behaviour against our Code of Conduct guidelines above will be dealt with according to the following 4-step disciplinary system:

Step 1: Student receives a warning from the Camp Director and serves a consequence. (A ‘time-out’ and/or miss an activity) 

Step 2: Student meets with Camp Director and/or parents are called to be advised of situation.

Step 3: Parent is called to pick up child from camp immediately.

Step 4: Camper is expelled from the camp and cannot return.


Please contact us if you have any questions. Call 289 681 2211