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Kid’s Programs


Krav Maga Nation is proud of its Kid’s Program. Children learn skills that can be applied to all areas of their lives. We work hard to ensure there is a positive atmosphere in the classes which is critical to their ability to succeed.

Training includes:

  • Improving their physical fitness
  • Learning how to recognize and deal with threatening situations
  • Learn to deal with bullying, pushing, grabbing, punching and more serious situations like abductions

Although these are serious topics, they are taught at a child friendly pace.

Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Our goal is teach you the skills to survive real life violent assaults. These are generally unexpected and unpredictable. Our training improves and “speeds up” your ability to identify, assess and respond to real life dangers. Accordingly, we train you to:

  1. Identify and assess potential and real threats:
    • recognize attacks from different directions, heights, and distances.
    • avoid and escape dangerous situations and areas
    • locate and reach exits
  2. Defend yourself in:
    • Small spaces (subways, bathrooms)
    • Open spaces (parking lots)
    • Crowded areas (shopping malls, subway platforms)
  3. Defending yourself while you are:
    • Standing, walking or sitting (TTC, car, on the ground, etc)
    • Carrying items (briefcase, shopping bags etc)
    • Using handheld devices (cell phone, blackberries, etc)

Personal Training

Personal Training

Group Classes
Learn how to defend yourself against real life dangers. Classes are held on a regular basis. They are interactive and safe.

Private / Semi-Private Classes
Train individually, with friends or coworkers according to your scheduling and training needs. Sessions can be held in our studio or any other location.

School Programs
Classes are provided as an after school program, seminars or integrated with physical education classes.

Special Topic Workshops
Workshops accelerate your progress by focusing on specific problems. Topics include armed attacks, multiple attackers and third party protection.

About Our Classes

Woman self defence krav maga
Our classes are 1.5 hours in length. There are 2 adult classes each week. They are structured to ensure you acquire Krav Maga skills by proven teaching methods. Our classes start with a warm up followed by drills and a review of techniques taught in the previous class. Once completed the student is ready to learn new or perfect existing techniques and use them in situational role playing exercises.

Krav Maga is practical. Learning a technique in isolation is not enough. For this reason we stress role playing where our students are placed in situations where they have to deal with one or more attackers using the techniques they have learned. It really works.

What You Will Learn and When You Will Learn It

Krav Maga Learning Timeline - front

Krav Maga Learning Timeline - back

(Timeline courtesy of IKMF Toronto: