The Warrior Path

Next Session Starts SEPTEMBER 2019

Your introduction to Krav Maga takes you down the Warrior Path.

There is a very ancient expression – To have peace you must prepare for war.

This 6 week program introduces you to the principles of Krav Maga (Hebrew for contact fighting). At the end of this intense program you will be ready to participate in the regular classes.

How many classes are there in the 6 weeks?
The program consists of weekly classes that are 1.5 hours in length.

What can you expect to learn in the program?
You are guaranteed to learn one or more Krav Maga techniques in each class. The goal of the program is to introduce you to the fundamentals of Krav Maga. You will learn to protect yourself against chokes, knife attacks, punches and more. The ground work laid down in this program will launch you into the regular program so you can ‘hit the ground  running’.

What takes place in each class?
Each 90 minute class starts with a series of warm-up exercises. This is followed with instruction on a technique. Each technique is unpacked and the details practiced to help them become muscle memory.

The techniques are simple yet very effective. They can be considered a blueprint. What you do with the blueprint is Krav Maga. This is why each class ends with drills where students are placed in scenarios where they have to respond correctly to the particular situation. They are known as stress drills and depend on muscle memory since there is very little time to think and analyze the situation.

What happens if you decide to stop after the program?
There are no commitments to subsequent programs. If you decide to stop after the 6 week program you will have, nonetheless acquired very effective and useful self defence techniques. Consider this an investment that will allow you to “walk in peace”. 

How much does it cost?
The 6 week program is $119 + HST

Ready to go down the Warrior’s Path?
There are 2 simple steps. The first is to register online as a student. The second is to securely pay online.



That’s all there is to it! Looking forward to meeting you in the next class.